【2022 edition】4 bingo games with interesting rules! There are also points to success

Bingo games, which are lively at events such as wedding afterparties and year-end parties, are often chosen as standard games for men and women of all ages because the rules are simple. However, if the progress is the same as usual, the participants may get bored thinking, “Bingo again…”.

Now that you’ve been entrusted with the role of secretary, you want to plan a fun game that will leave an impression on the participants.
This time, we will introduce 4 bingo games with interesting rules for such secretaries.
We will also introduce the key points for a successful bingo game, so please refer to it.A bingo game in which you win if you use cards with numbers from 1 ~ 75 and open 5 squares in a straight line somewhere vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It’s an easy-to-understand game, but if you just play it normally, you may feel that it is somehow unsatisfactory.
Therefore, we will introduce four “bingo games with interesting rules” that will make the event even more exciting.

Please refer to such a secretary.The progress is almost the same as general bingo, but instead of numbers, there are pictures and names of animals written on it. It is recommended for events in which children participate, but if the participants are adults, the animal drawings will only be silhouettes, and the animal names will be in English, which will increase the difficulty, so even adults will enjoy it. Unlike regular bingo, where numbers are read aloud, animal names and sounds echo throughout the venue, so the atmosphere is sure to be relaxed!In bingo games, the first person to get the numbers wins, but in reverse bingo, as the name suggests, the person who doesn’t get the numbers until the end wins. Bingo is a game where you cheer when the numbers on your cards are read aloud, but reverse bingo is an interesting game where you scream the other way. Usually, a participant who can’t win in bingo may be able to win in reverse bingo! (laughs)Proper bingo games do not use machines to determine numbers.
The numbers are determined by the mood and ideas of the moderator.
For example, you can suddenly nominate a participant, saying, “Please tell me the last digit of your mobile number!” Also, multiple numbers are OK, such as “My birthday is January 12th, so the next number is 1 and 12”!
Anyway, it’s an ant bingo game, and the content related to the numbers is also a point of excitement. It is also recommended to make the content related to the main role of the event, such as a quiz about the bride and groom at the wedding afterparty, and a quiz about new employees at the welcome party.
・How many dates did the bride and groom date? (5th ⇒ 5th)
・What month and what day is the birthday of the new employee ○○? (February 8⇒ Nos. 2 and 8)Brand Wagyu beef, ordered gourmet food, luxury dinner cruising tickets, catalog gifts, home appliances, and other prizes that will please the participants!
Some of them are playful giveaways recommended for bingo games.

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