10 Best PC Online Games! Here’s the free netoge to start now!

The sequel MMO to Phantasy Star Online, which appeared as the first massively multiplayer RPG for home video game consoles.

The highly flexible combat and movement system has evolved further to become a faster TPS action game system.

Of course, the battle field “Random Field”, which changes every time you enter, is still alive and well. This game is equipped with “Interrupt Events” that suddenly occur during field battles. It is also known for its popularity of emergency quests that occur at specified times or randomly.It is a domestic online RPG that can be played with confidence even without paying, as it has officially announced that it will not limit the class level due to charging and will not sell high-performance weapons.
With the exception of some of these items, you can get them in the player’s street or in free-only gacha. Rare items of armor types do not exist in the billing element in the first place. Charging has become more of a financial measure to buy what you like.

P.S. You can play the normal
difficulty level (around 100 hours) without paying, With the NPC purchase price of dropped items reduced to 1/4, it became more difficult to play completely without paying than before, and many people retired.
In order to play comfortably, including the enhancement of money and equipment, it seems better to purchase the expansion of the inventory slot (purchase type) and the player open-air (My Shop usage right 700 yen per month).
Basically, the payment is more for enjoying the game, so additional elements such as dress up elements, My Room, and automatic street stalls are billing elements.Illusion Divine Skills are characterized by no consumption restrictions called MP or mana. Each character can use two main types of weapons, allowing them to adapt to the situation without being forced into a disadvantageous battle.

There are no class restrictions for equipping armor, and an assist system is implemented to automatically move to the destination. Systems that cause friction and stress are eliminated as much as possible.The automatic assist function that supports movement to the destination, the intuitive UI (user interface = operability), and the elimination of the MP system allow you to fully attack skills without hesitation. It is easy to play from beginners to veteran players.

It automatically transports you to NPCs so you don’t get lost in quests. Even in the beginning, which tends to be a quest game, you can progress smoothly, so the level will be crisp and the adventure will proceed without stress.A cute character who seems to have jumped out of the world of anime.
You can play without stress with the automatic movement help function and easy-to-understand UI design.
A “combined technique” in which the player and the phantom god can unite and deliver a powerful blow.
There are no restrictions on equipment, so you can freely change your favorite equipment.
An MMO created with an emphasis on “how to get into the story”.It features a high level of action based on horizontal scrolling and dress up by avatars.

Each of the unique characters has its own mission and mission, The game will mainly progress to grow the character while enjoying the story and upbringing.

There are many fun games to play, such as new stories with NPCs that you meet through quests, happening-like quest strategies, mini-games that are separate from the main story, helping NPCs, and each class working together to create products.

In addition, it is still a lively online game with unique characters added and updated from time to time as new story additions.

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