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Collaboration donuts by idols belonging to “SISTA” 315 Production will be released at JR Ikebukuro Station from December 15. Fuyuma Amagase, Hideo Kanno, Haruna Wakasato, Suzaku Kurai, Soichiro Shinonome, Makio Uzuki, all 6 types

Ikumi Mama’s Animal Donut official Twitter announced that a collaboration donut with “The Idolmaster SideM” (Saista) will be released outside the central ticket gate of JR Ikebukuro Station for a limited time from The collaboration consists of six sweet-loving idols belonging to 315 Production: Fuyuma Amagase, Hideo Nishino, Haruna Wakasato, Suzaku Kurai, Soichiro Shinonome, and Makio Uzuki. Each of them has a cute design donut, and one can badge is randomly attached as a purchase bonus. Sales hours are 10am~9pm.December 15 ~ 25, 2022.This product is scheduled to be available for mail order from late January 2023. If you purchase a set A (Hideo Kanno, Suzaku Kurai, Makio Uzuki) or a set B (Fuyuma Amagase, Haruna Wakasato, Soichiro Shinonome), you can choose one of the can badges from the lottery box from the three players in each set. The price is 2000 yen with 3 donuts and 1 can badge in each set.Good Smile Company released the smartphone game “Black ★ Rock Shooter FRAGMENT” on November 24, 2022. It is a real-time operation battle game that depicts a life-and-death battle against the mysterious information life form “Innocent Cloud” that suddenly appears on the network.In this article, we will introduce the world view and battle system, as well as provide developer messages and play reviews. We will unravel the charm of this game that not only fans of the original but also gamers will surely enjoy.Rock Shooter is a girl character with eyes that glow like flames, designed by illustrator Huke. An original song about her was posted on Nico Nico Douga in 2008, which attracted attention and gained immense popularity.

Since then, it has been developed in various media, such as figures, game releases, and TV anime broadcasts (*), and even now, more than 10 years after its birth, it still wins the hearts of many people.In this work, an original story set in “another world” different from the world depicted in TV anime is developed. As the commander of the humanoid weapon “Synthetic”, the player will engage in a fierce battle with the mysterious intelligence life form “Innocent Cloud”. The meticulously drawn dark story, such as the battle for life in a devastated world and the distrust of humanity of synthetics, who are treated as weapons by nature, will move your heart to read.The Innocent Cloud, a mysterious intelligence creature that suddenly appeared on the network, took control of the network with its hacking abilities and launched an attack on humanity by hijacking public transportation and military weapons. As the battle becomes more extreme, Innocent Cloud uses a virus weapon. As a result, humanity has lost its advanced information and communication networks, and has been divided and cornered in various parts of the world. Eventually, humanity succeeded in developing a humanoid weapon “Synthetic” that is not infected with viruses. They fight back by making them fight on behalf of humanity, and the battle ends up in a long stalemate.Administered a vaccine for a virus weapon, the protagonist leads the Synthetic Corps and infiltrates the facility to destroy the enemy’s new weapons. There, the protagonist saw a girl with eyes that glowed like flames and were chained to a machine. A familiar face. Confused, a new weapon goes out of control and is flown into an unknown space with the girl. It was the beginning of a journey of battle that spanned many worlds and time.Beginning with an encounter with Elishka, a girl with eyes that glow like fiery, a battle journey across multiple worlds begins. Supporting you, the commander, are five units built around synthetics. There are various troops, such as “Bunny 1”, which gathers new soldiers, and “Forge 5”, which is an elite lineup, and many characters appear in the story. Each of them has mixed feelings about their friends and players. The human drama spun by more than 20 characters in total and the performances by the gorgeous voice actors are also major highlights.Amnesiac girl with eyes that glow like flames. Due to their own lack of desire, facial expressions and words are scarce. It looks like you’re looking for something…He is the captain of Bunny 1 and a mood maker. He has a keen intuition and an unusual amount of luck, and has rarely been hit by a bullet in combat before.A sniper with a whimsical and sloppy personality. He serves as Bunny 1’s lieutenant and watches over Yuzuki, the leader, without leaving.A cheerful and positive observer. She is weak-minded and pushy, always flustered, and relies on Yuzuki and Húrin, who are like older sisters.

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