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The movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” special book “re:SOURCE” will be released on December 15. Includes “pictures” and “letters” drawn by Takehiko Inoue, which was the basis of the movie, and the Yomikiri manga “Piercing”

The first slam dunk re:SOURCE, a book related to the movie THE FIRST SLAM DUNK, will be released on December 15, 2022. The price is 1980 yen [tax included].This book contains and analyzes a huge number of “pictures” and “letters” that Takehiko Inoue drew to share images with the production staff in film production. It also includes a long interview with Mr. Inoue of about 15,000 words. He talks about his motivation for taking on the film, his feelings for Slam Dunk fans, and his feelings after finishing production.

In addition, the Yomikiri manga “Pierce”, which was partially based on the story of Ryota Miyagi’s movie, will also be included for the first time.In addition, this book, which contains posters and announcement visuals announced from the decision to make the film into a movie, should be a must-read for “Slam Dunk” fans and those who have seen the movie. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon and online bookstores, so if you want to make sure you get your hands on them, pre-order now!On Monday, December 12, 2022, a sale was held for non-subscribers of PlayStation Plus (PS Plus), a subscription service provided for the PlayStation platform.In this sale, the 12-month usage right of each plan will be 2600 yen off. PlayStation Plus Premium can be purchased for 7650 yen (sale price), PlayStation Plus Extra for 6000 yen (sale price), and PlayStation Plus Essential for 2543 yen (sale price).

Each service offers free play (two games can be downloaded at no additional cost each month) and online multiplayer access, subscriber-only discounts, and cloud storage such as save files, just like the previous PS Plus.In addition, hundreds of PS4/PS5 titles can be downloaded and played in Extras. In addition, Premium offers more services as the price of the plan increases, such as the ability to download classic titles from the original PS, PS2, and PSP and game trials that allow you to try the game before purchasing it (with a limited amount of play time).

Check out the article below for what you can do with each plan and the game titles you can play.On November 26, 2022, a fan exchange caravan of the “Street Fighter League” (SFL) was held at AEON MALL Uki in Kumamoto Prefecture. In this article, we will report on the situation.SFL is the Japan most official team league match in Capcom’s popular fighting game Street Fighter V Champion Edition (hereinafter referred to as “Strike V”). Each player in one team of four competes in a league match to win the team.The SFL players visit various places to interact with local players in the fan exchange caravan. The speakers varied by region, and in Kumamoto Prefecture, Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto’s Nemo, Higuchi, and YHC-Mochi took the stage (Shuto was absent due to ill health).

At the venue, there was a battle table where you can enjoy so-called “field matches”, and you can also try out “Street Fighter 6”. When the time came, each event started, and it was an event where you could interact thoroughly from morning to evening.At the opening, after greetings from the players, the players were invited to the stage and lectured while actually playing in front of the audience. The first player is a rook user. Nemo also chooses Luke and lectures him. He gave advice to rook players who are still beginners, saying, “If you can make combos more accurately, you can take advantage of more opportunities.”The second is a female player who uses Falke. He is actually quite fierce enough to bring in a leverless controller. When he corners Higuchi’s Guile, the audience shouts, “Oh!” However, in the end, perhaps because of the professional’s intentions, Higuchi took it firmly and won. He gave advice for advanced players on the areas where they tend to stalemate in the last grind.Next, we went to the professional players and the corner where the players could ask questions freely. What particularly impressed me was the question, “People say I look like Nemo, do I look alike?” Nemo said, “I can’t judge …”, and when he asked for a hand to be raised at the venue, he unanimously raised his hand (laughs). There were also various other questions about playing.Matsumoto P appeared in a corner where visitors compete against professional players using the “Modern Type” simple control mode of “Strike 6”. After P Matsumoto demonstrated, the battle by the modern type was repeated.

The YHC-Mochi player who fought seems to be rather unfamiliar with the modern type, and it is difficult to operate. In the meantime, the visitors decide on Super Arts, a powerful massive damage move, and the visitors win spectacularly! If you are a modern type, you may be able to compete with professionals!After the morning stage, the next step was to receive lectures from the professional players. If you apply, you can receive a lecture from the desired player, and it was a great success that there was a long line.

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