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“Uma Musume” Kopano Ricky, Hokko Tarumae, and Wonder Acute will be active in the “Tokyo Mega Illumination” collaboration event “KIRARI MAGIC SHOW” will be held from 12 o’clock on December 21.

As a collaboration campaign with “Tokyo Megaillumination”, the in-game event “KIRARI MAGIC SHOW” will be held from 12 o’clock on December 21 ~ 11:59 on December 24. At the event, Kopano Ricky, Hokko Tarumae, and Wonder Acute will be active.

In addition, from today (December 12), the “KIRARI MAGIC SHOW” Christmas gift campaign will be held. In this campaign, depending on the number of login days and the holding period, you can receive various items such as jewels, hint books, and goddess statues. Starting at 5 a.m. on December 24, you can also win 500 jewels as a Christmas present.In addition, various campaigns titled “The Second Christmas Campaign” are being implemented from today. While taking advantage of the in-game campaign, let’s fully enjoy the “Tokyo Mega Illumination” collaboration event from December 21st!KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) has released the game information mook “Game Special Splatoon 3 Extra Large Issue” for men on Monday, December 12, 2022.”Game Special Splatoon 3 Extra Issue” is a mook with plenty of information about popular games such as “Splatoon 3”, “Minecraft”, and “Kirby Discovery”.You can choose from two battle areas on an additional board to start and spin the special roulette wheel to advance the pieces. There are various instructions on the square, and it is sure to be a heated game.In addition, on the back side, it is reversible specification that can be played with “5vs5 shogi”.

It is an appendix that you should definitely play with your friends and family.In the middle, the popular game “Kirby Discovery” and the board game “Minecraft” are interspersed with an appendix.The article features the Nintendo Switch’s very popular software, “Splatoon 3”. We will introduce you to the basics of how to play and how to win battles.
In addition, it is full of information on popular and latest games such as “Minecraft”, “Pokémon Scarlet Violet”, and “Mario + Rabbids: Galaxy Battle”.The event is held at the Tourist Information Center Koga-ryu Real Ninja Museum. Various projects are scheduled to be held, such as an exhibition that reproduces the otomo airu (ninja equipment) of “Monster Hunter Rise (Monhan Rise)” in life-size Shigaraki ware, and the renewal of the Goryo Ninjutsu Experience Corner to monster specifications. Details will be updated on the special website from time to time.In Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, a limited-time collaboration event with the “Monster Hunter” series will be held from January 2023. This is a special collaboration event where you can fully enjoy the world of “Ninja / Shigaraki ware” and “Monster Hunter” through special exhibitions such as the monster red seal collection rally that goes around the city while completing quests and the life-size ninja Otomo Airu made of Shigaraki ware.From mid-January 2023, at the Tourist Information Center Koga-ryu Real Ninja Museum (Koka City, Shiga Prefecture), we will exhibit “Monster Hunter× Ninja, Pottery, and Japanese World” that reproduces the otomo airu (ninja equipment) that appears in “Monster Hunter Rise” in life-size Shigaraki ware.
In addition, there are exhibits that involve elements such as items and weapons that appear in the “Monster Hunter” series and realistic Koga ninjas, and all Goryo ninjutsu experience corners in the museum have been renewed to monster specifications. In addition, we are planning to hold a quest rally where you can order quests at the Real Ninja Hall and get a “Monster Red Seal” through shuriken experience and pottery experience while visiting various sightseeing spots in Koka City. In addition, during the period, the head mark of the “Shigaraki Kogen Railway” train will be Monhan specifications, and the train departure sound and platform BGM at Shigaraki Station will be Monhan’s music.A cooperative puzzle-solving game in which two players convey information to each other and solve numerous mysteries. The biggest feature of this game is that it uses asynchronous multiplayer. Two players control a person from the past and a future to advance through another part, but the information revealed in each other part is a hint for the other.One person’s in-game information doesn’t even tell you how to solve the mystery, let alone the progress of the opponent. Therefore, it is essential to share information with each other in order to clear the problem. Let’s communicate information well and solve the mystery.

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