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7 gaming chairs with a budget of 5,000, play games for a long time, work without fatigue, recline elegant style.

Gaming chairs play a role in your body and everyday life. It is no different from the work chair or ergonomic chair that many people know, so choosing to use it must choose one that suits your ergonomic use, especially the sitting position that must be correct. It also requires additional functions that allow you to sit comfortably and posturely because it will affect the performance of the game. It doesn’t ache or hurt your back, and most importantly, it should be durable and strong to keep you gaming longer. You can change your posture, such as lying down during the break, and most importantly, there must be a guarantee that you can sit and play the game more comfortably. Budget not exceeding 5,000 baht 7 models worth using, soft cushions, adjustable sliding to support a lot of weight, as a gift for the New Year 2023. The material is available in leather covering.

Choosing the right gaming chair There are many things that you may need to consider because sometimes the design is beautiful, the function is not satisfactory, or the function is good, but it does not move much, or sometimes the price is too high for the budget, so choosing one point at a time as appropriate or choosing the right one for your use and body will make you get the chair that you like. Although some functions are missing, but they fit well into everyday use, it is worth it.

Design: The design will talk about 2 types of gaming chairs, namely aesthetics and size, because it is a matter that many people pay attention to and is the first thing that users tend to take into consideration. State-of-the-art The other genre will be premium. It depends on the material being covered, such as fabric, leather, and PVC, and the colors, flashy colors, and lines make it feel equally pleasant to use.

Material: It is another important thing to choose the use of many people, not only gaming chairs, but also work chairs as well. It depends on the design of each camp and each target group, such as:

  • Mesh fabric It is quite popular because it feels soft and comfortable, which has the advantage of being breathable, especially the mesh type, which reduces heat. When used for a long time, especially when not used in an air-conditioned room, and it is highly durable, but there are the same precautions: it accumulates dust easily. It ranges from 2-3 thousand baht. to almost ten thousand baht. For example, chairs from Secretlab OMEGA, AeroCool CROWN AeroWeave or OCPC RIALTA Premium Fabric, etc.
  • Leather material, which includes both PU and PVC, is another type that we can see on many gaming chairs because the price is quite economical. It has a good shape and is not less durable, but it may be allergic to chemicals, but in terms of use and cleaning, it is quite convenient. It is currently available in many models of chairs, from basic to high-end. If you look at it as a low-cost focus. Sit comfortably. Using it in an air-conditioned room is also an interesting choice.
  • Genuine leather It is considered a material that is attractive to use in many aspects. It may last for many years and the seat is comfortable because it is soft and good to the touch, but with a relatively high price, many people have to turn to PU or PVC to stay within their budget.

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