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Is it worth changing? iPhone 15 Pro Max may use the same camera and screen resolution!

iPhone 15 Pro Max will use the same main panel and camera as iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it will be the first model to use a 3 nm chip!

According to the Digital Chat Station data emitter on Weibo, the screen panel of the next-gen iPhone has not changed, but will instead change the 16 Pro Max or Ultra models that will be released in 2024. @Tech_Reve has indicated that top-of-the-line iPhone displays will be postponed, so the 15 Pro Max will likely use the same “M12” display as the 14 Pro Max.


The camera is expected to use periscope zoom lenses as before. It could also be the world’s first iPhone with 8 GB of RAM and will use A17 Bionic, a chip based on a 3 nm manufacturing method.

All in all, the rumors as of now that iPhone 15 Pro Max are models that don’t seem to have changed much. As before, many people had guessed that solid-state volume up and down buttons would be used, but the leaked rendering still uses the same If anyone wants to change the iPhone model, it may be better to weigh a little and wait for the next model to be launched.

Apple introduces a new Apple Pencil locator with this patent recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (USPTO) describes the principle of echoing to position a stylus or other peripheral input device.

Apple Pencil is currently based on magnetic charging and keeps the pen in its enclosure, but there is a risk of dropping it anyway. Patently, Apple recently discovered the patent, explaining the principle of locating by installing a resonator inside Apple Pencil on the tip of the grip.


The patent states that acoustic resonators will be used, making them small enough to fit on the tip of the pen. Then, it provides the resonance frequency principle to cause vibrations during which humans hear. Users can then locate it. It also states that it can be used through an iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch as well over a network connection, as used in Find My.

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