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Razer Naga V2 Pro Review Change the frame, play games, and work is done! Lots of macro buttons, fast 30,000 DPI Price 7,490 Baht


Razer Naga V2 Pro Review Change the frame, play games, and work is done! Lots of macro buttons, fast 30,000 DPI Price 7,490 Baht

The Razer Naga V2 Pro is a new gaming mouse in the Naga family that started out as a dedicated MOBA mouse, but as technology and design continue to improve, the design of the Naga family of mice has evolved over time. RGB lighting or individual button actions can also be set in the Razer Synapse 12 and Razer Chroma programs.


Interesting highlight aspects of this mouse. In addition to replacing the side bezel, Razer has added a number of great features to the Razer Naga V2 Pro, including the onboard RGB lighting change button on the mouse, the Razer HyperScroll Pro scroll mode adjustment button, which is different from the usual casters: Standard, which follows the conventional mouse scroll, and Distinct. The castor is very reluctant, ultra-fine. Smooth smooth with finger movement, Adaptive The scroll mouse has a slight stiffness similar to turning a knob, Smooth Scroll or Custom, adjusting the response according to the user’s desire for hardness and continuity.

The other upgraded part is that the Razer Naga V2 Pro has replaced the port head of the Razer Speedflex cable from MicroUSB to USB-C. This makes it easier to find the charging cable for your mouse and connect wirelessly. Bluetooth or Razer HyperSpeed Wireless USB Dongle is optional. Transform the sensor into a new, high-performance Razer Focus Pro 30K that responds faster and more continuously and is sharper than its predecessor, and purchase accessories like the Razer Mouse Dock Pro or mouse dock to charge the battery when it’s done. Naga V2 Pro has a lot of interesting features for gamers to use!

The Razer Naga V2 Pro is a gaming mouse that, despite starting out as a MOBA mouse, has been developed to change the side plates with fewer buttons to better match different game styles. Therefore, owners of this Razer mouse, once they have set it up in Razer Synapse 3, can save their profile onboard and press switch it with the profile switch button on the bottom of the mouse. When you go to work, switch to Bluetooth mode, connect your work notebook, and come home, switch to HyperSpeed USB Dongle, change profiles, and resume your game instantly. Paying once can be used for all duties like this is worth it.

Mouse responsiveness, whether using Razer HyperSpeed Wireless USB or Bluetooth, is just as responsive as connecting with a Razer Speedflex USB-C cable. Wireless transmission technology has reached such a great point that it is almost as good as using a USB cable, and its runtime is up to 150~300 hours. If the battery is running low, connect the Razer Speedflex USB-C cable and continue playing games or purchase a charging dock. When you sleep, you can leave it on the pedestal and take it out for use in the morning. The company also designed a single Razer HyperSpeed Wireless USB to receive signals from Razer’s gaming mouse and keyboard simultaneously. No need to separate USB ports and get full convenience.

The Naga V2 Pro design remains the same as its predecessor, Naga Pro, which still has a right-handed reach and a curved ridge across the ring finger to make it comfortable to rest, so gamers can pinch their thumb and tails towards the mouse to grip it snugly in their hands and fingers not all down to the mouse pad. However, the Razer Naga V2 Pro is quite large, making it suitable for large-handed gamers to grip it comfortably. The weight of the mouse is 134 grams. Compared to competing gaming mice, it must be considered a gaming mouse with a decent weight. Not suitable for fingertip grip holders.

The Razer Naga V2 Pro Mouse Box features a mouse that is written on the sides and back of the box that features a new sensor, HyperScroll Pro mouse scroll, and Optical Mouse Switch that are more responsive and have a way to change the side frame to increase and decrease the macro buttons of the mouse screen.

In addition to the Razer Naga V2 Pro in a plastic frame and two mouse side plates, there is a manual, sticker, USB-C to A adapter to wire the Razer Speedflex USB-C cable into and connect it to the USB Dongle Head “Razer HyperSpeed” to keep the USB receiver as close to the mouse as possible with the brand name engraved on it. The advantage of this is that HyperSpeed allows data transfer time as fast as a normal cable mouse.

Accessories mentioned above. For example, the Razer Mouse Dock Pro or the coin converted to support Razer Wireless Charging Puck are sold separately, so they are not included in the box, which if you want to buy them, you can also order them through the Razer website and have them ship to Thailand.

The design of the Razer Naga V2 Pro will be a gaming mouse for right-handed gamers only. The mouse body has a total of 8 buttons on the mouse, and when combined with the side plates, the number of buttons will be increased to 10 / 14 / 20 as replaced. On the right, it’s a non-slip grip, and when you look at the front of the mouse, it’s a slot for connecting a USB-C cable to charge or connect your computer.

Mouse buttons In addition to clicking left and right. There are two buttons that come in from the scroll mouse, one with an arrow marker similar to a refresh marker that can change the Scroll Wheel Stages or the responsive rotation style of the caster, customizable in Razer Synapse, and the next button is the mouse DPI change button. Toggle operation, press and change instantly and change it in 2 levels, and a DPI window will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

On the bottom of the mouse, you’ll see a white glide made of 100% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that allows users to drag the mouse smoothly around the mouse by attaching it in pairs on the top under the left-right click button, surrounding the Razer Focus Pro 30K sensor, and padding another curve below the bottom of the mouse. Drag the mouse back and forth very comfortably, not unbreakable. And notice that on the left side of the sensor is a sliding switch to change the connection between Razer HyperSpeed USB Dongle, Bluetooth, if the middle chop is OFF to turn off the mouse, and on the right is the Profile button, which can be pressed to change the onboard profile back and forth as you please. If anyone uses a single mouse for both work and games, save a separate profile and press the toggle with this button.

Detachable parts And on the right side of the mouse there is a seam groove that allows you to remove the hook nails to pull out the side plate to change it to the desired one, and Razer takes a 2.4GHz USB “HyperSpeed” and stores it here vertically as the image engraved inside.

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